Tarik Adnan Moon Welcome to my homepage. I am an experienced entrepreneur and engineer with a demonstrated history of starting companies and building products in blockchain, ad-tech, and e-commerce industries. I am passionate about taking a product from 0-1 and solving user pain points through products. Currently, I am the founder and CEO of Multiplyr, a decentralized finance based investment tool aimed at the retail investors.

I started my career working as a quant at Goldman Sachs. Then I moved to Silicon Valley to join an entertainment and media analytics startup as one of the early members of the team. I also took a sabbatical during 2018-2019 to work on a crypto data security startup in Asia and managed teams in Shanghai, China and Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

My academic interest involved doing research on data exploration and hardware conscious machine learning for data systems. In the past, for academic and professional research work, I have done several projects on data visualizations and machine learning. At Harvard, I was an undergraduate student researcher at Harvard DASlab and wrote my senior thesis under Stratos Idreos. During college, I worked on Bangla Pi, an affordable computing project that won awards at several innovation challenges including ASME Innovation Showcase and Harvard i3 Innovation Challenge.

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